MX Track Grand ReOpening Sat Sep 17th
The MX track will reopen this weekend Monty Franks, Dennis and Kevin Hawthorn and the OMC crew have done a great job and the track is Bad To The Bone!

The Lights are ready, the track has been redesigned, and it is Sick! :D

The lights will be on Saturday nights,Tuesday nights and Thursday nights. The track will be prepped and watered on these nights for some great practice.

Saturday will be the first day and night practice. Check out the new schedule

Saturday practice open 8am til 3pm (open practice)
Saturday closed to prep 3pm til 6pm (prepping}
Saturday night practice 6pm til 11:00 (under the lights,controlled with flagers)

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday practice 8am til dark (OPEN PRACTICE)

Tuesday and Thursday - same schedule as Saturday and Sat Night under the lights and prepped

For more info call 405-579-2777 or Rodney's cell 405-464-0858