Red Bull Big Bash Practice Week March 27-29

red bull girlsClick to enlarge - Red Bull Party Girls! Oklahoma Motorsports Complex will be hosting a Big Bash Practice Week Tuesday March 27th through Thursday March 29th. 

The Red Bull Party Truck, Red Bull Girls and Red Bull BMX Freestyle Team are touring through Houston, Austin, Dallas, Oklahoma City & Tulsa March 21-28.

They will all be at Oklahoma Motorsports Complex on Wednesday March 28th for a Meet & Greet and will be signing autographs. You won't want to miss Wednesday March 28th practice at OMC!

Big Bash Practice Week Schedule - Prepped and organized practice!
Tuesday March 27th 6pm-10pm
Wednesday March 28th 6pm-10pm - Red Bull Night at OMC! Chef Rodney will be serving free Hot Dogs! 
Thursday March 29th 6pm-10pm

Here are the Red Bull BMX Freestyle Team members that will be coming to OMC Wed March 28th & links to their Twitter accounts.

Drew Bezanson 
Michael Clark
Anthony Napolitan  
Corey Bohan
Baz Keep  
Corey Martinez
Edwin DeLaRosa  
Aaron Ross
Seth Klinger
Tony Neyer 
JD Webb  
Justin Kosman

Come on out to OMC Wed March 28th to hang out with the Red Bull Girls and the Red Bull BMX Team and get tuned up for the 2nd Annual OMC Easter Bash on April 1st.

MX Practice $20, free spectators. The kart track will also be open with rental go karts.