OSCS Round 7 Results

We here at Oklahoma Motorsports Complex would like to thank all of the riders that came out to OSCS Round 7 race.  We would also like to thank Troy Stevens from Angel Ridge Raceway for all of his support and hard work.

Thanks to the OMC Track crew
Monty Franks, Joey Barta,Adam Estes,Bryce Cornett,Jake Maky and Arron Senters .

Special Thanks to:
Red Bull,Kicker, AJAX Kaw KTM, Oklahoma Honda Suzuki, WPS FLY, MX States, Red Earth systems, MX dirt, Transport, Extreme Medics and all of the other sponsors.

Bob Hanson
Danial Abbey
Darryl Kustaborter
Christy McConoville
Dennis Hawthorn
Damon Glass
Carter Family
Tom Strange
All of our flag crew
Andrea Bowels

And most of all A big "Thank You!" .........to ALL of the Racers and their Families!

Dennis Hawthorne and his partner won the Pit Bike Buddy Race & they took home two Red Bull Big Can coolers. Jesse Braden won the $100 1st place prize for the Dash For Cash Race and there were payouts to 5th place for that race.

Congratulations to the folllowing winners!

OSCS Round 7 Winners!
Four Stroke
Taylor Bassham
Over 30 C/D
Michael Davidson
Open Outlaw
 Tayloe Bassham
Over 40 A/B
Dennis Hawthorne
Over 50
 Terry Bridges
Over 40 C/D
Craig Parham
School Boy  Braxton Ridgeway
Super Mini 7-16
Logan Kustanborter
Mini Beg 80/85cc
 Matt Craig
125/250F Beg
Joey Ferron
Mini Jr 80/85cc
 Denham York
125/250F Novice
Clayton McConville
Mini Mini 6-7 60/65cc
 Chandler Baker
125/250F Intermediate
Taylor Bassham
Mini Mini 9-11 60/65cc
 Daniel Nickell
125/250F Pro
Jesse Braden
Mini Mini Open 60/65cc  Daniel Nickell
2 Stroke Open 125cc
Brandon Davis
Mini Sr 80/85cc
 Logan Kustanborter
250/450F Beg
Austin Jones
Pee Wee 4-6 50cc
 Ramon Rusche
250/450F Novice
Hunter Cunningham
Pee Wee 7-8 50cc Chandler Baker 250/450F Intermediate Kevin Hawthorne
Pee Wee Oil Inj 50cc Kole Scott 250/450F Pro Jesse Braden
Pee Wee Open 50cc Chandler Baker 150 4 Stroke Open/100 2 Stroke Logan Kustanborter
Women Ashleigh Hall Over 25 CD Curtis Henexson
Over 30 A/B Monte Frank Over 25 A/B Monte Frank

View the complete OSCS Round 7 Race Results & Points. Congratulations to all the podium finishers!

Sunday podium pics.
Oklahoma Motorsports Complex tracks are open for practice 7 days a week, see you at the track!