Monte Frank - Supermoto Australia Magazine Interview

The following is an interview of Monte Franks by Supermoto Australia Magazine.

Inside the Helmet With: Monte Frank

Supermoto Australia Magazine logoFor many months I searched and searched… I knew he existed, he had to.. I’d seen the footage and heard the stories… In Oklahoma he is a legend, his supermoto feats on wet tracks are the envy of most men. When his rivals hear his name, they reply with “freak in the wet” and walk away shaking their heads.

A former Mx pro turned supermoto rider, he was the 1st person to put a Berg on the podium in the AMA. This year, whilst showing them all how to ride in the wet at Mettet – was forced to retire injured to an incident and a certain victory was gone. When I finally found him, he was teaching supermoto to underprivileged children on push bikes and agreed to a quick chat… For a fee…

So here is the end result of a quick chat with former actor/model and AMA star Monte Frank.

MF: “Damn, That was a sweet intro!!!!”

Monte,  Pro MX’er to Pro SuperMoto.. Your obviously handy on a bike. Why the change to SuperMoto?

MF: “Well, I actually stopped racing MX full-time and started racing Legend Cars. I did that for 2 years and won a Semi-pro national championship then followed it up with a 2nd at the nationals in the Pro division. I decided i was getting bored with the cars and saw a SuperMoto race in Dallas ,TX. I thought it looked fun and went and bought a bike, I raced one amateur race in California then went pro two weeks later..”

So as a Pro, the world would believe it’s all private planes, flash hotels and factory bikes. Can you confirm or deny?

MF: “HAHA… Not in my world!”

There must be some training involved at the professional level. What sort of training do you do? How much track time do you do per week?

MF: “I do ALOT of riding, I ride MX about 5 days a week .. I really don’t ride SuperMoto that much for practice, maybe once a week. I usually step up my training about a month out from the series..”

I know you’ve been seen training with some big names. Who do you train with? Does it help training with them?

MF: I ride with a lot of really fast MX kids, I think motocross helps a lot with SuperMoto. My usual day is 3 motos (20 Min. 30 Min. and a 40 Min. Moto) Its fun to see all the young guys who think there ‘bad’, til its time to do a 40 minute moto.

You must have ridden some nice bikes.. How about a quick rundown?

MF: “I rode privateer KTM (2006-07) Then I switched to Factory ATK (American Made) we had some pretty trick bikes. My race bike was a one-off bike with a custom-made frame. It handled like a dream, but was a turd in the motor department. HAHA. Then, in 2009, I raced a Husaberg I had bought myself as a trail-bike. I decided to race it at the first round of the AMA series and ended up on the podium. Husaberg was super happy since that was their new bike and it was already on the box. After that they gave me some factory support for the rest of the year.”

Do you turn your own spanners? Or hand the bikes to others?

MF: ”I work on my practice bike and can do any work that is needed to a bike, I got skillz.. Richard Harrison takes care of the race bikes.”

How did you find riding AMA SuperMoto?

MF: ”AMA is cool, I really wish I could ride the EURO series for a year or two; to try something different. I think the new 2012 AMA series is going to be really good. Dennis Anderson is going to try and make the new series something that everyone will want to race. Its also going to be cool that my home track will be one of the rounds. I will build the dirt section, so watch out!!”

Is it true Aussies like Reekie and Herfoss spanked you on your home turf?

MF: ”Herfoss YES, Reekie???”

You received an invite to Mettet, to ride in the worst conditions in the events history. How did you find it.?

MF: ”Mettet, where I broke my foot. Oh my, what a weekend. The weather was so bad! I just remember riding practice on Friday and it started HAILING on the track. Damn it hurt. The track was a lot of fun. It’s probably 50/50 dirt/asphalt. I cant wait to try it again next year with better weather and equipment.”

Rumor has it, you are handy in the wet. I’ve even heard stories of you sneaking into tracks the night before a race and turning on the waterworks to ensure it was a wet race.. Do you actually like wet racing?

MF: ”I look at it as the rain makes everyone on an equal field, It doesn’t matter if you have a factory bike if you can’t use it .”

Are you one of these guys that follows the same “pre-race routine”?

MF: ”No, I just like to have fun at the races. I like to get into people’s head. I scream at people a lot when I ride. It’s amazing how many people fall for “NO BRAKES!!!”

A former training partner of yours informed me you have “lucky underwear” that you wear every race. Is it true they are “French panties”?

MF: ”Shiiiit….”

Who would be your greatest influence?

MF: ”Right now I think Chad Reed is someone I like. He doesnt take any shit. Kinda like me.”

How about a shameless plug for the sponsors? Anyone you want to thank?

MF: ”OH YES. First I have to thank my wife and son for letting me do what I love. Also Richard Harrison, he’s been my mechanic/friend for 8 years. We were at ATK together, Husaberg together and now our own team in 2012. Everyone at Ajax Kawasaki, Fox Racing, MotoOption Clothing, 3B Graphics, Factory Connection, Motul Oils , Travanski Global, OMC, Beringer Brakes.”

I see you take SuperMoto clinics. What levels, length etc? Do you still enjoy SuperMoto? Or has it become “just a job”?

MF: ”I teach SuperMoto clinics about 4 times a year, I do all level of riders . We cover all of the basics as well as my secret techniques. I like to see guys get pumped on going fast.
I wish SuperMoto was my only job, I also own a construction company to pay the bills”

Any plans to come to Australia?

MF: ”I would love to Just waiting on an invite!!! And a plane ticket and bike ect.ect…… If any teams or promoters want a funny guy that is fast call me!”

Plans for 2012?

MF: ”Riding for RHR supermoto team. We are racing all the AMA series , OSB series, Stateline and Mettet. As well as a few national MX races”