2014 NMA Grand National Championship July 18th - 24th

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 2014 NMA GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP - (Previously known as the NMA Ponca City Grand National Championship)

NMA Grand National Championship logoThe 39th  Annual NMA Grand National Championship of Motocross will be presented July 18 through July 23, 2014 at the Oklahoma Motorsports Complex, also known as “OMC” in Norman, Oklahoma, just south of Oklahoma City.

After over 30 years of presenting the national at the Ponca City MX Park in Ponca City, Oklahoma the event moved to OMC. There are 30 regions across the USA qualifying racers from their respective states in order to compete in the NMA Grand Nationals in Norman, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Motorsports Complex logoNMA has presented national amateur through pro motocross racing for close to forty years and many professional motocross racers have been able to launch their career through the recognition of their NMA participation.

For more information, contact the National Motosport Association at 951-587-9805 or www.nmamx.com for the complete national schedule of events.