Marshall, Jay


Name: Jay Marshall



Racing karts, riding my Honda Repsol CBR 1000RR, stunting motorcycles, stunting and racing pocket bikes, working on anything with a motor,playing xbox, being a good husband and father, anything to do with my wife, daughter, and son!!! Yard work.
4 years in the U.S NAVY as E.O.D, private pilot, being a father and husband, riding motorcycles as well as I do and stunting them without to many crashes!!!  Welding, soon to open my own motorcycle shop and landscaping company.
Favorite driver:
Well me for now and everyone who is safe and respectful and gives good competition!!!
Favorite track: Oklahoma Motor Sports Complex of course!!!!!!
Goals: To be a good father and husband!!  To be fast on 2 and 4 wheels, to be safe, and to always excell and be the best at everything I do!!!
aymarshall68 @ on facebook

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